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Horizon scanning real tech for your game

Top notch... Solid, clear and extremely cool Meguey Baker (Lumpley Games, co-creator of Apocalypse World) on issue 1 of 5MF.

What is Five Minutes into the Future? (5MF)

5MF is a zine scanning the horizon for cutting edge technologies being developed in the real-world right now. Each issue will present one piece of nu-tech and some ways that you can use it in your roleplaying games.

This Issue:

Volume 1.2 features the Dream Incubator, a device that can influence people's dreams.

Inside you'll find details of: 

  • how the technology works in real life,
  • a mind-twisting heist setting,
  • a darkened-mirror cyberpunk setting where every smart device uses the technology to advertise in your dreams,
  • a techno-horror setting where the manipulated dreams are used to deliver a ritual that frees a dream-demon, and
  • a post-apocalypse setting where linked dreams cause the collapse of the human shared psyche and the birth of a maelstrom.

And lots more!

With added crunch for using the technology in your:

  • D20,
  • Fate, and
  • Apocalypse World (PbtA) games.

5MF is largely system neutral, and presents ideas suitable for a variety of modern and near future genres, including:


  • heist, 
  • espionage, 

  • technoir, 

  • near future, 

  • superhero, 

  • cyberpunk, 

  • modern horror, 

  • hard sci-fi, and

  • (post)-apocalyptic.

Join us Five Minutes into the Future and see what your game could be like!


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