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Horizon scanning real tech for your game

Top notch... Solid, clear and extremely cool. Meguey Baker (Lumpley Games, co-creator of Apocalypse World) about issue 1 of 5MF.

What is Five Minutes into the Future? (5MF)

5MF is a zine. We scan the horizon for real-world cutting edge technologies in development right now. Each issue will present one piece of nu-tech and some ways that you can use it in your roleplaying games.

This Issue:

Issue 3 features Shape-Memeory Material (SMM). SMM is a textile that can be shaped at the micron level. It can change shape and stay that way, but always changes back to its remembered shape when hydrated.

Inside you'll find details of: 

  • how the technology works in real life,
  • how vampires, hunters, witches and magic-users all use SMM,
  • insurance investigators discussing a series of daring (linked?) heists using SMM,
  • how the future of warfare and medicine is changed by SMM,
  • a short story; 'the Origamist',
  • hope for the future of mankind colonising a new planet using SMM, and...
  • an apocalyptic civil war in that colony over control of dwindling SMM supplies. This led to the creation of the awful SMM-fibre bomb which shreds airways and eyes.

And lots more!

With added crunch for using the technology in your:

  • 5e D20,
  • Fate,
  • HexDNA, and
  • Apocalypse World (PbtA) games.

Check out our other issues about real technologies:

Issue 1 - Photosheet

Issue 2 - Dream Incubator

Most of 5MF is system neutral. We present ideas to inspire you, suitable for a variety of modern and near future genres, including:


  • heist, 
  • espionage, 

  • technoir, 

  • near future, 

  • superhero, 

  • cyberpunk, 

  • modern horror, 

  • hard sci-fi, and

  • (post)-apocalyptic.

Join us Five Minutes into the Future and see what your game could be like!


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